Total War Saga: Troy’s Amazons DLC is out now, and available free

Total Battle Saga: Troy launched its initial DLC today, Amazons. It presents badass warrior queens Penthesilea plus her sister Hippolyta to the particular Trojan War, along with their particular all-female armies, new focuses, unit mechanics and more. Better however, you are able to nab it for totally free for the next two several weeks.

Now, each of these types of Amazon leaders have slightly various goals – Hippolyta is out there to take back sacred areas and gather Amazonian treasure, whilst Penthesilea will be exploring the particular world with a Horde military to capture new settlements.

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“Penthesilea relies on fearsome two-handed axe infantry while whittling her foes down with devastating skirmishers plus finishing them off with solid cavalry charges,” Creative Set up say.

“Hippolyta, upon the other hand, braces to get the defence of her property with the renowned Amazon archers, bolstered by the inspiring existence of heavier sword infantry, which usually also enables her horse archers to circle her foes plus attack them at their poorest.”

As well because these two new factions, the particular Amazons DLC includes new Legendary Mission chains, a Horde auto technician called War Spoils, lots associated with new units and all-female soldires, new heroes, buildings, and also a bunch more good stuff. You may find out more in the particular FAQ.

The Amazons DLC is available on the Legendary Games Store right now, costed at £8/€10/$10. In order to get it free, you require to sign up for Overall War Access and link that will to your Epic account, after that it’ll provide you with a code in order to wham into Epic. You possess until October 8th to state a code, then must make use of that before November 5th or even it’ll expire.

The base Total War Saga: Troy game was free on Legendary for one day when this launched launch, and 7.five million people claimed it. Observe our Nate’s Total Battle Saga: Troy review for views around the game.

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