Xbox Social Team Continues Meme Marketing With Hilarious TikTok Self Dunk

Whether you are usually keen on the Xbox systems or even not, it’s hard to refuse that the Xbox social group has been killing it recently on Twitter. From turning a good awfully massive leak into the hilarious meme, to making certain they are being transparent regarding the particular next generation ahead, the Xbox social game is on the roll. That streak continues because Microsoft opens up a TikTok be the cause of Xbox and the initial video? That is a pretty witty personal dunk. 

The movie starts off having a voice stating that they are “trying to determine what our first post TikTok should be” and then demonstrates for the Xbox Series S or even … 

With the movie first featuring the all electronic console, before finishing the phrase with saying the particular X, the video clips to scrolling via a gallery of images. Except if you’ve been living within rock, you’ve likely seen all the memefied comparisons to the Xbox anatomy’s design for both versions. Through looking like a giant refrigerator to dealing with a final boombox form, the memes have already been on point. 

If you can’t beat ’em, sign up for ’em and that’s exactly exactly what Microsoft did with their initial Xbox TikTok. Following a series associated with “nopes” scrolling through all the different meme takes, the clip will eventually end on the system itself, but it is fascinating to find out more and more businesses take a more playful strategy when interacting with their market. 

This is simply a good way that Microsoft has transformed their strategy regarding Xbox’s location in the gaming community. In between pivoting to a more service-related core mission to having a page from Wendy’s social team, we all say keep the memes arriving. The gaming community is excellent, however it can be really poisonous sometimes. I’ll never turn lower more levity provided that it isn’t going to completely take over and overshadow important updates that consumers need to find out. 

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