Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Revealed

Call of Duty: Black Ops Chilly War embraces the full multi-player experience of a suite of conventional offerings, Warzone for battle royale, and also a tentpole of Treyarch, The living dead. Today, Treyarch unveiled details concerning the upcoming 4-player co-op encounter. You’ll play as part associated with Requiem, a CIA-backed international reaction team helmed by Grigori Weaver (you may remember this charcter from Black Ops!) in order to check out a WWII bunker. This might sound a little like the particular 2008 British horror film Outpost so far, but let’s maintain digging in…

As is frequently the particular case when going back to examine the 3rd Reich in Call of Duty Zombie fare, occult machinations are part of the horrible discoveries that players are set to make. Requiem also encounters The Omega Group, a rival team of Russians trying to uncover the same surreal secrets for own purposes. What will these conflicting bands of soldiers and scientists find when they start poking around where they don’t belong? I don’t have to spell it out for you, but yeah. It’s zombies. It’s always zombies!

Pack-a-punch mechanics return, weapons feature rarities, and your Zombie playtime counts toward your battlepass progression. Weapon rarities mean that even uninteresting rote wall buys at the beginning of a game could be awesome and carry you all the way to the later rounds. That’s very good news for the undead enthusiasts out there. You can even use your Gunsmith crafts from other modes in Zombies via loadout choices. And of course, there’s plenty of perks to fuel the insanity like Juggernog and Speed Cola.

Looking for added rewards? You don’t just have to play before you die anymore. When an attempt begins to get too spicy, you can call an escape chopper to get out. You need to take out a massive amount of zombies to successfully escape, but you receive better rewards for getting away instead of just longing to be overwhelmed. Check away more on the state blog right here.

Check out the The living dead first look trailer here!

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