Random: Not A Fan Of Mario Kart Tour’s Mobile Controls? Try A Wii Nunchuk

Mobile game Mario Kart Tour will be a decent new way in order to play the iconic series upon your smart device, but despite having its newly improved control design, some players just can’t become doing with its touchscreen user interface.

If you’ve grown upward playing Mario Kart on your own favourite consoles we guess this particular is pretty understandable, but imagine if you could use an even more traditional controller setup to savor the particular game? Well, YouTube user Made it happen Work? has done exactly that will, meeting up a Wii Nunchuk in order to play the overall game in style.

If you remember our latest article about utilizing a SNES Computer mouse to play Super Mario Work, you’ll realise that the movie below is from the quite same person. Just like prior to, getting a Nunchuk to work alongside a good iPhone isn’t as straightforward when you might think, with specialist power supplies being needed that can not really only connect a Nunchuk in order to your phone, but additionally offer complete mouse mode support.

With all this in place, Made it happen Work? channel owner Niles Mitchell is able to use the particular Nunchuk’s control stay with steer the particular karts and navigate the game’s menus, all when using the Z switch to select options and make use of items. Check it out within the video below (gameplay begins at round the 2:20 mark).

We’d take the controller over a phone display screen any day, but what about you? Would you play Mario Kart Tour more if you could somehow make use of a Joy-Con to steer? Are you happy enough playing on your phone as standard? Let us know in the comments.

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