Spelunky 2 daily: My whole life is about this jetpack now

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An image of descending a metal chain in Spelunky 2.

The Daily Death is usually a daily series of movies in which Graham attempts the particular Spelunky 2 daily challenge.

Today’s episode from the Spelunky daily includes spoilers for your game’s first four worlds. Indeed, this is my humble brag way of saying I obtained to world four on the particular daily challenge.

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Today’s apology: I have no recollection associated with what I said in this particular episode, because I was as well focused on the strain of enjoying to be conscious of the speech. I regret the minute by which I called the striking pet pug a “ridiculous mutt”, however in my defence he or she was being very stupid.

This is a good instance for the power of jetpacks. Having it on my back again made the game much simpler, allowing me to fly more than platforming challenges and zoom aside from enemies. It also produced the run much more demanding. The jetpack is an uncommon treat, but that means it’s precious. It’s including being given a Fabergé egg cell balanced on the end of the spoon.

The most absurd moment was when I got on some spikes and do not die. I must possess been a pixel far from impalement? I’m not sure.

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