Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest is back and less grindy this year

Tis the season regarding online games to get just about all haunted for a few several weeks. Borderlands 3‘s Bloody Pick is back with increased skins in order to earn and spooks to capture. It’s on from at this point until November 5th, so you’ve got a while to check out it out alongside the rest of the in-game events on your schedule.

As with last year, Maurice the Saurian is hanging away in Sanctuary III to immediate your gore-y goals. Like oh yea so many other Halloween events—I may main multiple every year—it boils down in order to killing brand new spooky enemies (they glow green), collecting their new spooky loot (Hecktoplasm), and after that turning it in so a person can go to a brand new spooky place (Heck) to battle the spookin’ boss (That lad up top, Captain Haunt). That’s the stuff.

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While hiking close to Heck, you’ll have a few new challenges to complete. Carrying out so will net you a few special spookin’ loot like the weapon skin, trinket, and burial container hunter skin. Unlike this past year, Transmission say that some of the particular challenges really are a bit less grindy.

As a reminder, when you’re a Halloween Humbug you can opt out associated with the event in your major menu. Bloody Harvest is upon now and runs until Nov 5th.

By the simply by, Gearbox have also posted one particular of them Shift Codes (K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF) that you can use in order to unlock some special heads regarding your hunters. Additionally, it expires upon November 5th, so celebrate within a timely fashion, right?

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