Valorant Unveils New Map And Character For Act III

Riot Games is bringing Act III to Valorant starting on Oct 13. Various elements of the particular season will roll out more than time, with the brand brand new map hitting immediately. It’s known as Icebox, and it’s aptly called. A frozen facility with 2 detonation points, the new chart has a focus on fight gameplay.

Oh, and there’s another thing new on the map too — the zipline! Get top to bottom and obtain fast as you capture your opponents by surprise plus speed quickly across the atmosphere. Icebox is slated to end up being available on October 13.

A bit later into Act 3 on October 27, players can experience the new agent Skye. Hailing from Australia, Skye will be a master of beasts. Type of just like a druid in cutting-edge military agent form, Skye may impair enemy vision, heal teammates, and sic her beast buddies on opponents. 

While Skye can heal multiple teammates on once, there’s a balance within her kit as she are unable to heal herself. Bummer! Her greatest can inflict nearsightedness on several enemies, which is sure in order to be an incredibly devastating capability. Being able to almost window blind your enemies before breaching place makes for a potent start, and foes would be sensible to disseminate or face the vicious gundown.

Of course, the new Act means a brand new battlepass too. Chock filled with the particular usual cosmetic unlocks, players could work on the particular pass over the course of the Act. Keep in mind the sweet Dragon skins? Take action III brings a new epidermis kit for weapons. If a person play the particular Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, or Melee weapon, Singularity skins are available, with the entire bundle opting for 8,700 VP. Send the enemy in to the void, or something. What ever, they look really cool.

The action kicks off upon October 13, but expect articles to turns out over the training course of the season!

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