Digital demon detective game Lucifer Within Us is out now

Demon exorcising detective game Lucifer Within Us has arrived along with its mysterious tech utopia plots of land. As an exorcist to get the Inquisition, it’s your work to banish digital daemons right after sussing out who’s already been possessed. You can jump within how to figure out who’h been wreaking havoc in the particular last city of humans.

“Question your suspects. Watch their movements and tales closely, as the reconstruction might be depending on lies. Use contradictions and clues to form your own hypothesis,” Kitfox Games say. “No hidden plot twists, no QTEs, no random puzzles or mini-games, just you and the information.”

You can watch a bit of the process in the trailer below as the detective resolves a mismatch in the stories of two suspects by contradicting one of them to reveal a different, supposedly true, number of events.

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Piecing together the timeline of events looks a bit like scrubbing back and forth on the timeline inside a video editing program, which actually makes quite a bit of sense to my brain. Suspects have their own tracks so that you can see events as they claim to have happened for each person stacked atop one another.

I was quite intrigued by its investigation system—though I admit I never made time to try the demo while it was available—so I was surprised to see user reviews on Steam already listed as “mixed”. For what it’s worth, it looks like just about every negative review so far compliments the game itself, taking issue with the length instead. Kitfox Games says there are three total missions to play, which appear to be taking most players between two and four hours total to complete based on the hours played on their reviews. You can make your personal value judgement with that all in your mind.

You can find Lucifer Within Us on Steam and Itch, discounted by 10% to £13.49/€14.39/$17.99 until Thursday, October 22.

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